Asus P5PL2 SoundMax AD1986A 64bit Audio Driver V5.10.02.4153


The AD1988 family of audio CODECs and SoundMAX software provides superior HD Audio quality that exceeds Vista Premium performance requirements. The AD1988A and AD1988B have 10 DACs and 6 ADCs, 3 stereo headphone ports, peripheral sensing, jack retasking, microphone array capture, and S/PDIF in and out, making AD1988 the right choice for desktop PC's where performance is the #1 consideration.

The AD1986A audio codec and ADI device drivers interface directly with the Intel, SIS, ALI, ATI, NVIDIA and VIA core logic chipsets. The AD1986A was developed and validated to the Intel audio codec '97 (AC '97) 2.3 Component Specification and the Intel HD Audio 1.0 specification (previously code named "HD Audio"). This solution comprises an audio codec with dual interface (AC97 and HD Audio), 5.1 (6) output channel support, built-in 7 band digital parametric EQ, 2 headphone drivers, SPDIF output, driver software applications and offers several features for notebook and desktop PC's.

The AD1981HD is used to add analog and digital audio capabilities to computer motherboards by connecting directly to the core logic chipset supporting the HD Audio 1.0 specification. This solution comprises an audio codec with 2 DAC's and 2 ADC's, legacy mixer and analog inputs such as AUX and CD In, built-in 7 band digital parametric EQ to super-enhance speaker audio, 2 integrated stereo headphone amplifiers, SPDIF output, driver software applications and offers several features for notebook and desktop PC's. In addition it supports stereo MIC captures for noise cancellation and VOIP enhancement, peripheral sensing and enumeration, and jack re-tasking.

Based on the highly praised AD1980, the AD1985 is ADI's latest and greatest 6-channel audio CODEC. Not only does it include all of the AD1980 features, but, when combined with SoundMAX4 XL, it will deliver intelligent peripheral detection and configuration features better known as AudioESP. Exclusive only with the AD1985 and SoundMAX 4 XL, AudioESP advanced jack-sensing and enumeration eliminates a common problem audio users face - the inability to get audio in or out of their PCs because of mismatched audio peripherals (speakers, headphones, mono and stereo array microphones) and I/O jacks. In addition, the SoundMAX 4 XL software suite offers users one-click control of the complete audio subsystem through a new and easy-to-use GUI. This combination greatly mitigates the risks associated with shipping 6-channel integrated audio CODECs down on motherboards and helps significantly in reducing end-user support calls, product returns, and the total cost of ownership of the audio subsystem.

Analog Devices' 6-channel AD1980 audio CODEC includes not only high-fidelity analog/digital, digital/analog, and sample rate converters, integrated headphone amplifiers, software-configurable parametric equalization, and programmable gain blocks but also S/PDF output for digital speakers and receivers, true stereo microphone inputs, intelligent jack sensing for event-driven automatic topology switching, and individually controllable inputs/output for jack sharing. Its true stereo microphone inputs, which support array microphone captures (for use in advanced noise canceling and beam forming applications allowing more accurate and reliable communication and high performance speech recognition in noisy environments), are the most noteworthy.

In addition to all the advanced features that are available on the AD1981A, AD1981B supports true stereo microphone captures (for use in advanced noise canceling and beam forming applications allowing more accurate and reliable communication and high performance speech recognition in noisy environments) and includes a Microphone to mono out path that can facilitate voice modem applications.

The AD1981BL is a low power version of the AD1981B, supporting all the advanced features and functions of the AD1981B, including true stereo microphone capture. The AD1981BL reduces power consumption for mobile and handheld product by supporting 3.3V analog supply (instead of 5V as the AD1981B).

The AD1888 is a 6 channel (supporting 5.1 surround sound) AC'97 2.3 compatible codec. It features SPDIF output, variable sample rates, 20-bit DACs, and multiple stereo analog inputs along with many cost saving features including: integrated headphone amplifiers, selectable microphone inputs with built-in preamplifiers, jack sensing (with auto-topology switching), hardware channel spreading and downmixing, as well as crystal-free operational modes.

AD1885, singularly or chained together, builds on AD1881A by providing 2-, 4-, and 6-channel analog I/O on PC motherboards and peripheral devics. It also integrates headphone driver and system clocking. By delivering high quality audio to PC-connected speakers, headphones and microphone devices, AD1885
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November 23rd, 2006, 7:14 GMT
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10.6 MB
C: \ Sound Card \ Asus
Windows XP / 2003


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