Sager NP9170 Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Windows 7

last update:
December 17th, 2012, 13:41 GMT
developed by:
file size:
27.6 MB
C: \ Keyboard & Mouse \ Synaptics
Windows 7 / 7 64 bit


- Speed up the build. Make the sg94 UI settings in its own file like the standard UI.
- Ensured motion is suppressed when a suppression is set while a packet has been delayed.
- Added virtual to the virtual functions and also kernelserver.h
- Removed bNoMtion and use flag TP_PacketState_MotionSuppressed.
- Only lock SuppressCursor / SuppressWheel when calling SetItem OEM Buttons Pseudo Devices can be tested using OEMNEWUI.INF.
- Fixed crash in enhanced app, when PinchZoom / 2FScrolling continually.
- Set control bar default settings.
- Added the check of EdgeZoneOverLap.
- Set default 1F H scrolling disabled for OEM
- Fixed an issue for swapping packets if finger cnt > 2
- Don't load a profile on double-click when none is selected.
- Added Part Number for OEM0022 and OEM0024
- Added PNPID: OEM0024 in x86 of
- Fixed "Go to web page" for strings that begin with "www.".
- Added Press-to-select feature for SGS
- Adjusted scrolling zone size.
- Canceled gesture actions if any finger moves into button zone.
- Removed the Middle button report when left and right button click at the same time, instead we report left and right button at the same time.
- Enabled pivot rotate by default and hidden ChiralRotate control.
- Changed ACM branding and created new group.
- Fixed OEM profile feature.
- Moved OEM Default.syn to demo_ui_sgs94.
- Modified default setting for SYN1E3B.
- Added Linux center on screen.
- Added driver info dialog to tray menu.
- Added code to expand any tree item in the tree at init time based on a flag. Set the flag for MultiFinger tree entry expanded by default.
- Added support to check for requirements for 4F-flicking.
- Checked the Aero feature for 4F-flicking, Flip/Flip3D gesture
- Added missing video files.
- Changed html to use the playlist. Also changed the structure so that maintenance will be simplified.
- Updated SYN0500/SYN0501/SYN0502 with appropriate configuration.
- Added code to toggle the handle mask of the SynOriginationZone while enable/disable the feature
- ACM for Linux.
- Modified Default Setting: Enable/disable key change to toggle.
- Remove double tap enable/disable touchpad feature
- MF Filter Test
- OEM default setting changes
- Fixed document for ChiralScroll_Rotation where Scroll.cpp removed.
- Short document on Emit registry configuration for debugging/tracing.
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