Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7 x64/Windows 8 x64


The following issues have been fixed in this graphics driver.


- Resolved application crash (TDR) that may be seen while playing Blu-ray content in Extended Desktop display mode and switching between full screen and windowed mode.
- Resolved issue where a black display may be seen after resuming from Standby mode.
- Resolved issue where some projectors could not be used with a mini-DisplayPort to VGA dongle.
- Resolved issue where some projectors could not be used with cables of various lengths.
- Fixed flickering and playback issues when using various video player applications.
- Display no longer hangs when transcoding content to removable media like SD card.
- Resolved issue where video output is missing content when transcoding certain video files.
- Fixed corruption issue when playing video on Intel WiDi in extended desktop mode.
- System no longer crashes when transcoding multiple video clips simultaneously using Intel Quick Sync Video.
- When playing online video "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error no longer appears.
- Fixed corruption issues when playing Blu-ray content using Intel WiDi.
- Cyberlink's PowerDVD Player now exhibits proper behavior when the player is dragged during video playback.
- Fixed protected content playback issues for new Windows 8 Store video players like Netflix.


- Doom 3 BFG game no longer fails to launch.
- League of Legends game no longer shows screen corruption.
- Worms Revolution game no longer crashes when started.
- Worms Ultimate Mayhem no longer shows black patches in the game.
- Crysis 2 game now lists proper screen resolutions when played on Windows 8.
- Fixed a DirectX 11.1 bug to support the upcoming Civilization 5 touch version.
- Fixed an issue where Krater game screen flashes and game hangs after a few minutes of game play.
- Resolved corruption issue when running some OpenGL programs in full screen mode.
- Fixed minor artifacts seen in the following games and benchmarks:
3DMark 06
3DMark 11
Call of Duty – Black Ops
Counter-Strike Source
Cut the Rope
Final Fantasy XIV
Fresh Paint
Lord of the Rings Online
Street Fighter IV
Stronghold Legends
Ticket to Ride
- Performance of the following games on Windows 8 are improved to match that of Windows 7:
Battlefield 3
Lost Planet 2


- Resolved issue where the laptop’s built-in display backlight may still be on after waking from Hibernate mode but only the External Display is selected.
- Resolved issue where some websites may show missing or incorrectly colored 3D effects.
- Resolved issue where display may flash for a moment after the system’s display automatically turn off (as configured in Windows) and then the system is awakened.
- Resolved issue where the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel may not open on touch panels with the DPI setting at 150%
- Resolved black screen that may be seen after closing and opening the lid issue while rebooting the system and before Windows loads.
- Resolved corrupted preview window after zooming issue and selection issue that may be seen with CAD applications.
- Resolved PerfX2 D2D test issue.
- Resolved black screen issue that may sometimes be seen after changing the display resolution.
- Resolved issue where system may hang with a black screen if the Intel graphics driver is installed more than once.
- Fixed corruption seen in Windows Reader Application when reading PDF file.
- Fixed an issue where audio was not properly sent to HDMI displays.
- System no longer crashes when accessing the "Monitor/TV Setting" in the Intel HD Graphics and Media Control panel when using a miniDisplayPort to HDMI dongle.
- Resolved multiple issues around brightness settings on various system configurations.
- Changing saturation levels no longer exhibits bluish tint.
- Optimal resolution is now recommended in Win8 when pressing "Win + P" key combination.
- Display settings in Intel HD Graphics and Media Control Panel and Windows Display configuration page are now synchronized.
- Memory allocated for the graphics subsystem is now correctly displayed in the Intel HD Graphics and Media control panel.
- Display resolutions are restored properly when changing primary monitors after reverting from Stereo 3D video playback mode, etc.
- Media Color Enhancement page of the Intel HD Graphics and Media control panel does not turn blank when cancel button is pressed.
- Added support for positioning of screen in control panel when three displays are connected.
- Minor translation issues seen in French version of the driver are now fixed.
- Fixed an issue where the Windows context menu did not show the Intel Graphics and Media control panel under certain system configurations.
- Fixed a crash that was observed in some mobile systems when transitioning from AC mode to DC mode.
- Fixed a screen corruption that appeared when disabling the Intel display driver in the Windows Device Manager.
- Improvements added to the system resume time.

last update:
January 8th, 2013, 7:37 GMT
developed by:
file size:
124.1 MB
C: \ Graphics Board \ INTEL
Windows 7 64 bit / 8 64 bit


It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and games. Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed a wrong driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

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