Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 Series Driver for Windows 7

- LVDS panel remains blank when resuming from “Hybrid Sleep” mode on CH7511 Embedded DisplayPort -to-LVDS configuration
- Power plans modified on Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel, does not persist after reboot
- Video corruption seen when playing .wmv file via Windows Media Player and .mpg via Microsoft Media Center Edition simultaneously
- Flickering on the toolbar and corruption in the globe object observed when latest version of Google Earth application is launched
- Fox bear application (FoxBear.exe) stops working in windowed mode after resuming from Standby/Sleep through the Start menu
- Using CH7511 Embedded DisplayPort-to-LVDS, LVDS has no display after Standby/Sleep resume
- System crash observed during booting to Windows on some DisplayPort monitors
- When Scaling is set to " Maintain Display Scaling" in Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel, after restarting the system it gets changed to "Scale Full Screen"
- Abnormal rapid screen resolution changing/flickering seen when moving mouse cursor over a Java application
- Sometimes error message pops-up when changing display mode to Extended Desktop mode (built-in display and HDMI display)
- When playing some RM & RMVB video files with RealPlayer, RealPlayer will hang up when mouse pointer is moved over the video
- When running the screen saver Marine Aquarium 3, system shows garbage
- Error message pops up when installing graphics driver through SWSetup->Drivers->Video
- When playing Angry Birds game, garbage is seen on the screen
- Slight garbage seen on top left corner of screen when 50gray.BMP is selected as the desktop background and tile mode
- On few DisplayPort monitors, there is no display after resuming from Standby/Sleep
- Backend.exe application crashes while running Lightsmark 2008 benchmark
- Display is blank on few specific DisplayPort monitors after booting through VGA and connecting the DisplayPort monitor
- In Extended Desktop mode, window positioning is not persisting during mode change
- Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel is not preventing non-supported modes to be added through the user interface
- After setting 256 colors using the Operating System page, display switching is not happening through Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel
- Execute Microsoft Office Word 2007 and click "Font”, the fonts in the dialog box that appears are blurred
- WildTangent game "Penguins" shows error message when changing between full screen and windowed mode
- Display switching is not happening when 1920x1080 resolution is set using the Operating System page
- Corruption is seen on PowerPoint slide show when current slide is pressed on the slide show menu
- Slight flickering is observed on the closed captions with PowerDVD and Windows Media Player with DVD playback
- System shows very sporadic crash (STOP Error Code 0x116) when running 3DMark06 under long run loop testing
- With Windows Aero mode disabled, slight horizontal corruption is seen when moving or shaking a window
- System shows error message when running FurMark benchmark
- After automatic display turn off in duplicate mode, system hangs or crash is seen
- Video files will flicker when playing with Windows Media Player using "Maximize" mode
- Sporadic random display corruption line is sometimes seen
- Unable to display some resolutions on few specific HDMI monitors
- Final Drive Fury game exits with error message
- Garbage is seen in the Jewel Quest Mysteries game
- Blackhawk Striker 2 game hangs during playing
- Slight corruptions seen when playing Polar Golfer game
- When running the Diner Dash 2 Restaurant Rescue game, the game screen flashes
- Graphics driver and processor official names are currently not modified for SKUs in property pages and Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel
- The default settings under Power plans will be cleared after making changes in Power Feature (Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel)
- System screen will corrupt when switch to HDMI only with 1920x1080, 30hz
- Potential abnormal display on systems with DisplayPort, EmbeddedDisplayPort, and HDMI display interfaces
- HDCP feature stops working on DisplayPort
- X axis value and Y axis value of resolution field on Intel
Graphics and Media Control Panel are not getting updated
in correct order, while rotating to 90/270 degrees in Clone mode
- Sporadic system crash when VGA is hot unplugged during standby/Sleep and system is resumed
last update:
March 29th, 2013, 14:06 GMT
developed by:
file size:
17.2 MB
C: \ Graphics Board \ INTEL
Windows 7


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