iRiver's AK100 Media Player Gets New Firmware

The high-end media player from iRiver updates its firmware to version 1.32

Korean manufacturer, iRiver, has just launched a new firmware for their high-end AK100 media player. Version 1.32 supports M4A lyrics and fixes the bugs during format in Mac PCs.

The new release brings other improvements like the updated Japanese font, a 20% faster boot speed and playback of damaged .flac files.

The warnings that come with this update refer to the firmware installation preparations. Therefore, make sure you have your device charged up to over 80% and provide at least 50MB of free memory for the firmware. The connection between the AK100 and PC during the transfer of the .hex file must be constant.

For those that are not familiar with the device we are speaking of, there are two ways of looking at it: a $700 (€541) fancy MP3 player or a marvelous device built to show the users what quality audio is actually about.

Also known as Astell & Kern, the AK100 features MQS (Mastering Quality Sound) with an astonishing 0.0009% distortion signal rate, 110dB signal-to-noise ratio and up to -120dB crosstalk isolation.

Design-wise, the AK100 remains an amazing device. To please users' eyes and touch, a full aluminum body covers the high-quality internals. There is a volume wheel for the incomparable analog feel.

Below is the link to the firmware. Download, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

iRiver AK100 Media Player Firmware 1.32

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