Western Digital Updates the Firmware on TV Live Media Player

Version 1.13.18 resolves lots of reported issues and supports new products

Western Digital has launched a firmware that basically redefines how the TV Live Streaming Media Player works.

This release comes with a very long list of changes, among which movie filter support, message indication for USB and network connection, and redesigned system menus might arouse your curiosity.

Scrolling through the release notes, we find out that incorrectly sorted TV Shows content info has been fixed, USB drive ejection no longer causes problems with the Media Library, GUI does not lag when a network connection is established, and the system menus now have a down arrow for proper navigation.

Two new message indicators have been added: one for the USB devices and the other for network connectivity.

Several annoying issues have been fixed, such as not being able to get content info when file name contains “-” or long Blu-Ray ISO video loading time.

If you managed to lock up your device while trying to load certain True HD 1080P MKV files with multiple PGS subtitles, then you should know this firmware fixes that issue as well.

The full changelog can be found in the description of the driver linked below.

Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player Firmware 1.13.18

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