Western Digital Updates Firmware for Two Popular Wireless Routers

The entry-level My Net N600 and N750 wireless routers get a handful of fixes

Western Digital has updated the firmware for two of their popular routers: My Net N600 and N750. A changelog with the many fixes and resolved issues is also included.

To begin with, the routers now have Windows 8 support and there are no more issues with files that were previously not shown in iTunes.

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) security has a 128bit encryption feature to ensure your private data doesn't leak overnight, while the WiFi wizard allows you to set up your router over WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).

A fix that could prove useful is the one regarding the Windows 7 backup / restore function using external hard drive. As users complained, the most annoying bug concerned media devices being intermittently unable to discover the router media server. This, as well, is fixed with this version.

A full list of fixes can be found in the driver description by clicking on any of the links below.

The update procedure is quite simple: download the firmware, unzip it, open a web browser and type in //wdrouter, log in, go to the “Advanced Settings” tab, click “Admin” under the “Firmware Update” tab, choose the file you just downloaded and hit “Update.”

It should reboot your router and, in a few minutes, your firmware will be up to date.

Below are the download links. Update and report any bugs to Western Digital so they can provide you with the adequate customer support.

Western Digital My Net N600 Router Firmware 1.04.16

Western Digital My Net N750 Router Firmware 1.04.16

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