Western Digital Launches New WDTV Live and Live Plus Beta Firmware

A new beta firmware release from WD is ready for testing

The new WDTV Live and Live Plus firmware from Western Digital is now available for download. Unfortunately, it has a download limit of 3,000.

Being a public beta, WD expects its customers to share details of their experience with the new firmware, so anyone who downloads it should log in to their forum to drop a line on what has been improved and what not.

As it turns out, for now, the “Match Frame Rate” function still doesn't work, therefore you have to manually select the frame rate you desire. For those who don't want to change the display settings every time they load a new file, set the native resolution to 1080p @ 60fps.

One user reports that, after the update, the shared network directories become unavailable.

As far as fixes go, the new firmware is said to have fixed the “power on/off” issue, so now the device can be turned off without having to pull the plug. Also, it's faster.

If you manage to brick your device or the new firmware is actually worse than the previous one, WD provides a rollback guide here.

WD expects feedback from users. They say this is a two-week experiment and, therefore, download the firmware and send your opinion ASAP.

The download links are provided below. Don't worry about the 3,000 downloads limit. The firmware is hosted on our FTP.

Western Digital TV Live Plus Firmware 1.06.38_B Beta

Western Digital TV Live Firmware 1.06.38_V Beta

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