WHQL Certified Quadro/Tesla Graphics Driver 310.90 Ready for Download

A release that increases performance and security, with support for GRID K1 and K2

Along with the release of GeForce 310.90, NVIDIA has outed the Quadro/Tesla driver with a new security update for the Display Driver service (nvvsvc.exe), improved performance and support for GRID K1 and K2 products.

This release fixes the glCompileShader exception error when compiled as a vertex shader, and VBO memory leaking when using the Catia application profile.

Although NVIDIA has removed the AutoCAD Performance driver from this release, you can download a standalone version for it. Not the same applies to Quadro SDI products because the support is discontinued for Windows 8.

If you choose to install this driver release, know that it is WHQL certified for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista, but in order to do it right, it is recommended to uninstall NVIDIA nTune (if such be the case) and disable SLI Mosaic mode.

After the process is finished you can come back to the original configuration.

The download link below will help if you have decided to install this release.

NVIDIA Quadro/Tesla Display Driver 310.90 

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