WHQL Certified Quadro/Tesla Driver 307.74 Is Out

Quadro/Tesla Graphics Driver increases performance and security

NVIDIA has released the new Quadro/Tesla 307.74 driver version that adds security updates for Display Service (nvvsvc.exe), the Stereoscopic 3D Service (nvSCPAPISvr.exe), and also for the Update Service Daemon (daemonu.exe).

NVIDIA has improved performance over the previous versions of the driver, as well as adding compatibility fixes for the workstation.

There are some features that should be mentioned here as well. For the 32-bit systems, the driver recognizes maximum 4 GB of video memory and the Graph tab on the Adjust Desktop Color Settings page is not available.

The AutoCAD Performance driver isn't integrated in the graphics driver anymore and there is no support for Quadro SDI products for Microsoft's latest operating system.

If you choose to install this driver release, know that it is recommended to uninstall NVIDIA nTune and disable SLI Mosaic mode. After the process is finished, you can come back to the original configuration.

The download link below will be of help if you have decided to install this release.

NVIDIA Quadro/Tesla Display Driver 307.74

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