WD Updates Its TV Live Media Players Through a New Firmware

WD TV Live Hub and TV Live Streaming Media Players each benefit from a firmware update

WD has released two new firmware versions, namely 3.10.09 for the TV Live Hub Media Player and 1.14.09 for the TV Live Streaming Media Player. Although the packages have different versions, the resolved issues and improvements are identical.

This package will add support for the updated versions of the Deezer and BBC iPlayer (requires a re-login), as well as for the WAVE, OGA, M4P, M4R, M2A, and MPV file extensions.

Moreover, it resolves playback issues for the 3GP and M2T video files, FLAC incompatibility, UK timezone settings, and the audio/video lip sync problem during playback with the DVR-MS on high resolution.

Also, the Flixster info bar will now close if the OK button is pressed; PlayTo blank video Timebar issue is now history; and pressing FF/RW while playing YouTube videos won’t cause a spinning arrow any more.

Last but not least, movie icon indicator now works fine, Vudu 5.1 Surround sound can be muted or unmuted at any time, “What's in this update?” option will not be idle any more, and file formatting will now be visible even for MetaData content and posters.

As for installing the update, simply extract the zip content into the root folder of a USB drive, connect it to the media player, go to Home → Settings Bar → Firmware upgrade icon and press enter – the device will do the rest for you.

This said, choose the link that best describes your media player from below, and stay up-to-date.

WD TV Live Hub Media Player Firmware 3.10.09

WD TV Live Streaming Media Player Firmware 1.14.09

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