Update to the Latest Version of OCZ’s SSD Firmware for the Vector Series Now

OCZ’s SSD Firmware for the Vector Series can be updated through OCZ’s latest Toolbox

The latest firmware for the OCZ Vector Series, version 1.03.1, has only optimizations for manufacturing. The update process can be done through OCZ’s latest firmware updater compatible with Microsoft’s Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, namely Toolbox version

OCZ’s Toolbox has support for Intrepid 3 and Barefoot 3, and benefits from some Graphical User Interface (GUI) enhancements, as well as from some update improvements.

Unfortunately, OCZ’s firmware updater has limited compatibility with Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology enterprise driver. Another “con” is that the update process must not be started from the drive that is about to be upgraded.

OCZ’s Vector Series has three SATA III 2.5" SSDs with capacities of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The maximum sequential speeds, determined using ATTO, are 550 MB/s for reading (for all SSDs), and 400 MB/s (for the 128GB SSD) or 530 MB/s (for the other two SSDs) for writing.

This said, if you consider updating your Vector SSD Firmware, back up your user data first, and only afterwards follow one of the links below.

OCZ Toolbox / Vector SSD Firmware 1.03.1

OCZ Toolbox

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