Thecus Outs the New 2.03.09 Firmware Version for Its NAS Servers

This firmware update has a bunch of new features, improvements, as well as resolved issues

Thecus has launched a new Firmware Version 2.03.09 that brings quite a bunch of new features, various improvements, and fixed issues compared to the previous 2.03.08 version. Moreover, this update is targeted at the same 17 NAS Servers as its foregoing variant.

Therefore, it adds support for Avermedia A836 USB DVB TV, FTP server (with SAMBA disabled), and UPnP function (with link aggregation). Also, it changes DNS to and FTP listing to a 200k items maximum, and adds MCE USB device driver, FTP client at /opt/bin/lftp, as well as DDRECURE at /opt/bin/ddrescue.

Moreover, it improves compatibility for AD joins, performance for D16000, function for SYSLOG, and stability for WEB UI, and brings various version updates for LocalDisplay (, apache (v2.2.23), FUSE (2.9.2), RSYNC( 3.0.9), or NIC driver (2.1.4).

As for fixes, the new firmware resolves the access log, HA UI, and SYSLOG display issues, the eSATA and NFS folder mount problems, as well as the AFP and some local backup problematic aspects.

This said, if you consider updating, you must take into account that turning off the device or closing the browser window is strongly not recommended, so that the NAS doesn’t suffer any catastrophic results.

Furthermore, while setting up the wireless RF channel on the device, because of the international RF rules, the operating channels must be set to 11 for N. America, 14 for Japan, 13 for Europe, 2 for Spain, or 4 France.

Now that you have assimilated all the aspects, follow the link below and choose the one that best describes your NAS.

Thecus NAS Server Firmware 2.03.09 x64

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