The UT-1 Communication Unit from Nikon Gets a New Firmware as Well

The UT-1’s firmware can be updated only if the D7100 DSLR Camera is used in this process

The UT-1 Communication Unit offers Nikon’s D7100 Digital SLR Camera an efficient connectivity and workflow. If this device was already powerful, Nikon decided to make it more powerful, and so the 1.1 Firmware Update version came out.

First, you must know that the update can be made only using a D71000 DSLR camera, just like in the case of WR-R10’s 2.00 firmware. Afterwards, make sure the UT-1’s current version is 1.0, not 1.1 – in which case no further action is needed.

In order to verify the unit’s firmware version, connect it to the D7100 camera, and turn both devices on. Now, from the camera’s menu, go to Network → Options → Firmware Version, and the UT-1 firmware is displayed.

If it’s not 1.1, run the downloadable “F-UT1-V11_W.exe” file (for Windows) or the “F-UT1-V11_M.dmg” file (for MAC), copy the “UT1_11_.bin” file within the created folder onto the root directory of an SD card, and then insert it into the camera.

Now, go to Network → Options → Firmware Version again, and this time follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade the firmware. When this process is complete, turn off the camera and remove the SD card – and that’s how you make the update.

That said, from the links below follow the one compatible with your operating system.

Nikon UT-1 Communication Unit Firmware Update 1.1 for Windows

Nikon UT-1 Communication Unit Firmware Update 1.1 for MAC 

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