The Latest iRiver StoryHD Firmware Is Available: Version 1.28

Upgrade your reader's firmware and forget about the DRM issues

We're reminding you about the new firmware for iRiver's StoryHD e-reader, now reaching version 1.28. This new firmware addresses certain issues related to DRM (digital rights management) which seem to plague the devices running older software.

By correcting the system bugs responsible for the abnormal behaviour of your iRiver StoryHD when attempting to load specific files, the new firmware promises a smoother and more pleasant user experience, with less errors and freezes.

First of all, download the iRiver StoryHD firmware version 1.28 in a location of your choice in your computer. In order to update the firmware on your StoryHD, you must first connect the e-reader to your PC using the provided USB cable.

Copy the Hex file in the Cover story folder and then simply cut the connection between the iRiver StoryHD and the computer. Once the connection has been interrupted, the firmware upgrade process will initiate. The whole operation may require a reboot of your e-reader just to make sure things are ok. You can now enjoy your e-reading habits in better conditions.


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