Tascam Audio Interfaces Drivers Available for Download

Download your Tascam audio interface drivers from Softpedia

It's with pleasure that we can announce the first listing of Tascam drivers on Softpedia. We've just uploaded a few drivers but more are to come in the following period, and we're going to keep you up to date.

The first drivers are for Tascam's US series USB interfaces. The US series comprises no less than 9 models designed to deliver pristine audio and high-class recording. Whether you are an amateur musician making the first recordings or a studio professional, the Tascam US series has the right tool for you.

From US-100, the simple yet no-nonsense entry-level interface up to the very serious US-2000 unit, you have plenty of choices. Except for the smaller audio interfaces, which can be used in bus-powered mode directly via the USB connection, the rest also come with external power supplies.

This can come in extremely handy in case you're planning to record multiple phantom powered microphone channels. Since a usual USB port on your PC cannot deliver enough current to power up eight 48 Volt inputs, adding more juice from an external adapter will save the day.

We're going to list the latest drivers from Windows and Mac, while at the same time offering you the newest firmware as it surfaces. For now, enjoy your first Tascam drivers on Softpedia.


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