Samsung’s 840 PRO and 840 SSD Series Have Two New Firmware Versions

The new packages improve the read performance in specific cases, and enable DAS function

Samsung’s 840 PRO and 840 SSD (Solid State Drive) Series benefit from two new firmware versions, namely the DXM05B0Q and DXT08B0Q, respectively, that consist of a ZIP archive and an ISO file each.

On one hand, the 840 PRO Series, which includes three SSDs of 128 (MZ-7PD128BW), 256 (MZ-7PD256BW), and 512 (MZ-7PD512W) GB, gets the DXM05B0Q version that enables the DAS function as a default option.

On the other hand, the 840 Series, which also includes three SSDs but with capacities of 120 (MZ-7TD120BW), 250 (MZ-7TD250BW), and 500 (MZ-7TD500BW) GB, have the DXT08B0Q version that improves the solid state drive’s read performance in specific cases.

As for installing the firmware, the ZIP archive must be used with Samsung’s Magician software, and the ISO file should be used only with a bootable CD or DVD via DOS – and that’s quite all that can be highlighted.

Now, follow one of the links below depending on your SSD series, and from the list, choose the one that best describes your device’s storage capacity.

Samsung 840 SSD Series Firmware DXT08B0Q

Samsung 840 Pro SSD Series Firmware DXM05B0Q

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