Register with EVGA and Get 3 Degrees Celsius Off Your New GTX 680

If you're a registered owner of an EVGA GTX 680 card, you'll receive a better back bracket

The famous video card and mainboard manufacturer EVGA is advertising a new campaign on its website, calling for EVGA GeForce GTX 680 owners to register their recently acquired GTX 680 EVGA cards and get a chance to receive a modified video card bracket.

The question is: why wouldn't EVGA ship every dual slot card they make with one of these brackets? What was their logic in the first place? "Let's make our cards run hotter!"? Or was it "Let's make our cards heavier and hotter!"?

The idea is a good one and the marketing trick that comes with it is ingenious, but the design is so straightforward that makes you wonder why the engineers designing the cooling system didn't think about this before.

A three degrees Celsius drop in operating temperatures can mean a longer life for your card, maybe a slightly better overclock or just a fan spins a little slower and it’s quieter, so they really should have thought about this a long time ago.

Well, if you're the proud owner of NVIDIA's latest GPU in EVGA's variant, there's no reason you shouldn't register your card and get the new thingy.

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