Razer TRON Peripherals Get Windows 8 Support

This set is all about smooth performance and attention to detail

Razer has updated the driver version for their TRON peripherals to 1.02, offering Windows 8 support for the mouse and keyboard. 

Obviously enough, the design of these devices addresses TRON fans but the technical specifications recommend them even to the most exigent gamers.

The mouse features 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5g laser sensor, 1000Hz ultrapolling/1ms response time, 7 hyperesponse buttons, light and sound effects at startup/shutdown and lighting alerts.

The keyboard features the same light and sound effects at startup/shutdown, ultrapolling (1000Hz polling/1ms response), and adds programmable keys with infinite macro length, full backlight illumination with lighting alerts and a detachable modular keypad (attachable on the right or left).

The final piece of the set, the mouse mat, features a hard surface that eliminates surface calibration issues reported with other gaming mice. Design-wise, it features a bio-luminescent tracking glow trail that will light up to show the path your mouse has been on.

A full TRON set will set you back $260 (€191.58), excluding the taxes and shipping charges.

If you already own the set or part of it, the download link to the driver is listed below.

Razer TRON Driver 1.02 for Windows 8

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