Razer Mamba 2.04 Driver Comes with Windows 8 Support

The Razer Mamba is best known for its 6400dpi sensor and great ergonomics

Razer has just pushed out a new driver for their Mamba gaming mouse series, offering Windows 8 support for both 32bit and 64bit architectures.

If you intend to buy this mouse, you should probably consider that some users have been complaining about the connection to the base or the fact that profiles don’t load.

The Razer Mamba can be bought for $129.99 (€153.19), before tax and shipping charges.

The key features of the mouse are a 6400dpi 4G Dual Sensor System, 1000Hz Ultrapolling /1ms response time, up to 200 inches per second /50g acceleration and multi-color lighting. It can work either wirelessly or wired by using the USB cable provided in the pack.

Where users are concerned, as of now, there have been no complaints about the shape or the looks of the mouse, though some have noticed that the docking station can double both as a charger and as a posing stand.

The 2.04 driver can be downloaded at the links below.

Razer Mamba 2.04 Driver for Windows 8

Razer Mamba 2012 2.04 Driver for Windows 8

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