Point of View Updates Mobii 731N Navigation Tablet Firmware

Inside the tablet, there is a 1.0 GHz Cortex A8 processor

Point of View has just released a new updated firmware for its Mobii 731N Navigation tablet. The new release comes, unfortunately, with no changelog. It has, however, a few installation notes.

For starters, there are two options for the installation: one, for devices that are not working properly and cannot be accessed, and the other, for functioning devices.

The package at the link below will provide the firmware file and the PhoenixSuit tool, to help with the installation.

For users that have functioning devices, unzip the archive and install the application. There will be some Windows Security pop-ups along the way. Agree that you wish to continue with the installation, when asked.

After PhoenixSuit is set up, run it and click the “Firmware” button. Just browse to the img file and click “Upgrade.” Make sure you have USB Debugging active on your tablet.

Users with malfunctioning tablets must first press the “Reset” button, followed by a sequence of holding the power key and volume down until they hear a Windows sound.

If all is done correctly, the OS will start installing the drivers automatically.

When that is done, PhoenixSuit will come up asking if you agree with the mandatory format. Select “Yes” and the update will follow its course.

Below is the link to the firmware. Download it, install it and stay “updated one minute ago.”

Point of View TAB-P731N Tablet Firmware 20130529

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