Plextor Updates Firmware for M5M, M5S and M5Pro Series SSD

Firmware versions 1.02 and 1.03 optimize the efficiency of the Trim operation

Plextor has launched firmware updates for their M5M, M5S and M5Pro Series SSD. Version 1.02 addresses M5M drives whereas 1.03 is for the other devices.

The release notes has two common improvements for both firmware versions: Trim operation efficiency and drive stability under heavy loading.

Release number 1.02 improves the error correction capability of the M5M drive while 1.03 enhances data error recovery capability.

Plextor's SSDs score great in benchmark tests when it comes to data transfer speed and safety.

The M5S, for example, scores around 32.68 MB/s with 4K file read/write test. Also, the sleep wake-up time is only one second.

M5M is designed for ultrabooks and has no outer case. However, performance and durability are the main characteristics of this device.

Plextor claims to test their drives in harsh conditions that include a 60° C temperature and 36.5 TB read/write transfers.

Below are the download links. Download, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

Plextor M5M Series SSD Firmware 1.02

Plextor M5S Series SSD Firmware 1.03

Plextor M5P Series SSD Firmware 1.03

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