Pioneer Releases a New Firmware Version for Its XDJ-R1 DJ System

The newly released package adds a handful of fixes that improve the device’s performance

Today, Pioneer has unveiled a new firmware package developed for its XDJ-R1 DJ system, namely version 1.05, which adds a handful of fixes that should improve the device’s overall performance.

To be clearer, the release resolves the freeze problem with some AIFF format files, and the one that made the same position of the track to be repeated when scratching. In addition, it adds a caution message for the situation when tempo slider is moved while it’s disabled.

Moreover, the issue with the LOOP IN position that was played over and over again when the AUTO BEAT LOOP started with QUANTIZE set to on, and the one with the BPM SYNC that started when a slave deck track was changed while playing are now fixed thanks to this update.

Last but not least, the new firmware adds workarounds for the cross fader position that didn’t sync with the remotebox, and improves the operability and stability of the XDJ-R1 device.

As for applying this latest version, just copy the firmware file from within the downloadable archive onto a formatted USB drive, turn on the XDJ-R1 while pressing the “Shift” and “USB” buttons on the left, insert the stick into the player, and start the upgrade.

After the process completes, turn off the device, remove the USB stick, and power it back on so that you can check if the firmware updated correctly by verifying the currently installed version.

That being said, follow the link below, download, and update your DJ system.

Pioneer XDJ-R1 DJ System Firmware 1.05

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