Philips 5000 Series LED TV Firmware Updates Display to Closed Caption

This update adds a lot of free streaming programs to NetTV via Portico

Philips has released firmware version 214 for the 5000 series LED TVs. According to the changelog, with this update, Portico is added to NetTV and the display now fully supports Closed Caption.

Closed Caption is often mistaken for subtitles because they basically look alike. CC (as you may find it on YouTube, for example) is a feature that displays not only what the characters say but describe what they do or sounds that are relevant as well.

CC has been introduced as a helping tool for people with hearing disabilities.

Portico can be found in the NetTV home screen, and features lots of free streaming programs that range from cooking recipes to fixing plumbing issues.

Starting from 42” and stretching to 55”, the 5000 series features full HD, LED screens, wireless connection to PC or Mac via MediaConnect, a very slim design and, last but not least, low power consumption.

The firmware can be found at the link below. Select your model and stay “updated one minute ago.”

Philips 5000 Series LED TV Firmware 214

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