Pentax Q10 Firmware Version 1.01 Is Now Available for Download

Q10 in one of the world's smallest, lightest, digital interchangeable-lens cameras

Pentax has recently released a new firmware for their Q10 high-performance, digital interchangeable-lens camera that aims to improve contrast AF performance and stability for general performance.

To update, format the SD Card and copy the FWDC602P.BIN file obtained by double-clicking the downloaded executable.

Be sure to have a full battery available, insert the SD card back in the camera and power it up. Under the “Firmware version info” tab, you can see the actual firmware installed on the camera. Press the four-way controller right and you should see the update screen.

From here, simply select “Start,” press the “OK” button and wait for the setup to complete. It will automatically power off your camera so you can remove the SD card.

If you didn't save the firmware correctly on the SD card, the update screen will not show.

Since it's all as easy as pie, you can click the link below, download, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

Pentax Q10 Firmware 1.01

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