Panasonic Outs New Firmware for AW-HE2 Multi-Purpose Camera

The camera features stereo microphone, stereo audio embedded in HDMI output

Panasonic has recently released a new firmware version for its AW-HE2 HD multi-purpose camera. The new update adds support for USB VIDEO CLASS, although this has been mentioned in the changelog of the previous firmware version.

With this version, Mac users get support for the audio line out of the AW-HE2 built-in microphone and can now use the device as a webcam.

To update, download the archive and extract its contents to an accessible location. Copy the “UPDATE.HDC” file to the root folder of a FAT32 formatted microSD card.

Using the remote control, turn the power on and press CAM1 button. Next, press and hold the “Menu” key for two seconds to display the camera menu and select “Maintenance.”

Now it is time to insert the microSD card to the camera and enter the “Update” section. Be patient for a few seconds while the card is being checked and then press the “Enter” button when the screen asks for a prompt.

The installation starts and the HDMI output is stopped. During this procedure, the status LED flashes.

When it completes, the device automatically powers off then on again and a message is displayed on the screen to confirm it.

The firmware for the Panasonic AW-HE2 Multi-Purpose Camera is one click away. Download it and stay “updated one minute ago.”

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