OPPO Releases New Official Firmware for BDP-103, BDP-103D, and BDP-105 Blu-ray Players

Version BDP10X-67-1204 adds support for MKV files with PGS subtitles

OPPO has recently launched a new firmware update for the BDP-103, BDP-103D, and BDP-105 Blu-ray players. Version BDP10X-67-1204 is official and stable, as the manufacturer mentions.

Also, once you install this firmware on the player, you cannot revert to any previous official or public beta versions.

Because of the massive amount of changes that come with this release, OPPO recommends that you perform a factory reset after the update. Make sure to write down your settings and re-apply them when needed.

This official firmware is designed to work with new versions of Apple iOS and Android media control applications, which add new features like SMB access, album art display, media category support, and the ability to share information to mainstream social network websites.

Compared to the previous official firmware version, BDP10X-58-0719, this release adds “Power On Volume” and “Maximum Volume” selections for the Multi-channel and the Stereo (BDP-105 only) audio outputs and “4Kx2K Output” selection to Setup Menu – Video Setup with two settings: “Auto” and “Forced.”

Zoom functionality to video content sent through the HDMI IN ports has been added, and the “CinemaNow” and “YouTube” applications have been updated.

In order to update, download the firmware from the links below and copy it to a FAT32 formatted USB drive. Safely remove the device and go to your Blu-ray player.

Eject the disc tray from the OPPO player and remove any disc. Make sure that there is no other USB drive connected to the player.

Now, insert the USB stick and wait for the player to recognize the file. If it does, it will prompt you to update. If not, go to the Setup menu, select Device Setup, and them Firmware Upgrade.

Use the remote control to respond to on-screen prompts, as the front panel buttons will stop working during the installation.

After the update completes, the unit powers off. Remove the USB stick and turn the device back on to reset it to factory defaults. A prompt screen will come up to make this process easier.

Read the full release notes and get the latest firmware for your OPPO Blu-ray player from the links below and stay “updated one minute ago.”

Download OPPO BDP-103 Blu-ray Disc Player Firmware BDP10X-67-1204

Download OPPO BDP-103D Blu-ray Disc Player Firmware BDP10X-67-1204

Download OPPO BDP-105 Blu-ray Disc Player Firmware BDP10X-67-1204 

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