Nikon’s WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller Gets a New Firmware Update

The only camera that can be used to upgrade this firmware is the D7100 DSLR camera

Today Nikon released its 2.00 firmware update that will replace the previous 1.00 version. Yet, the upgrade process can be made only with the D7100 Digital SLR Camera, and only if the current version isn’t already 2.00.

There are two different files that do the same thing, one is for Microsoft’s Windows OSes, and one for Mac’s platforms – in other words, an F-WRR10-V200W.exe file and an F-WRR10-V200M.dmg file respectively, both containing the “WRR10_0200.bin” needed for the update.

With this package installed, and WR-1 and WR-R10 used as a transmitter and receiver, respectively, you will be able to see and change the camera setting using the WR-1, and have support for the Release Hold Time feature built in the WR-1.

In order to update this version, after running the downloadable .exe or .dmg file, both will create a ‘WRR10Update” folder in which you will find the “WRR10_0200.bin” file – copy this file onto the root directory of an SD card, insert the card into the camera and turn it on.

Now, from the Setup Menu, choose Firmware version and follow the on-display instruction, and afterwards, turn off the camera and remove the SD card – and that’s that.

Therefore, follow one of the links below and stay up to date.

Nikon WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller Firmware Update 2.00 for Windows

Nikon WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller Firmware Update 2.00 for MAC 

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