Nikon Updates Several of Its Digital Cameras – Download New Firmware Versions

Nikon’s new firmware consists of several packages compatible with Windows and MAC OSes

Today, Nikon has made available several updates targeted at some of its digital cameras, which consist of two download records for each device containing files compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems, respectively.

Specifically speaking, the producer has outed version 1.3 for its COOLPIX P7700, and firmware A:1.02/B:1.01 developed for the D3100 and D5100 DSLR devices. In addition to that, C:1.01 and C:1.02 packages are also available for the D5200 and D3200 digital SLR products, respectively.

These newly released files resolve an issue where the remaining battery charge was not precisely detected for the EN-EL14a rechargeable Li-ion battery, and also maximizes the battery life in order to take more photos compared to previous firmware versions.

As for installing the new updates, first check the currently installed version so that it doesn’t match with the one you are about to install. If it does, then no further action is needed.

Otherwise, get the proper package for your camera and OS, run the file so that it creates a folder containing the firmware file (.bin format), and copy it onto the root folder of a memory card that has been previously formatted by the camera.

Now, insert the card into the device, select “Firmware Version” from the setup menu, and follow the onscreen instructions. After the upgrade finishes, the camera will automatically power off, point at which you must remove the memory card, and check the version again.

That being said, from the links below, follow the one that best describes your Nikon product, and from the list, choose the one that is compatible with your computer’s OS. Take into account all the above mentioned aspects, and enjoy your newly updated camera.

Download Firmware 1.3 for Nikon COOLPIX P7700 Camera

Download Firmware A:1.02/B:1.01 for Nikon D3100 Camera

Download Firmware C:1.02 for Nikon D3200 Camera

Download Firmware A:1.02/B:1.01 for Nikon D5100 Camera

Download Firmware C:1.01 for Nikon D5200 Camera

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