Nikon COOLPIX S800c Firmware Update 1.3 Is Out

Nikon’s S800c Digital Camera, powered by an Android OS, enjoys a firmware update

Nikon’s COOLPIX S800c Digital Camera, that is powered by an Android operating system, has now received a firmware update version 1.3. This new release will fix an issue where a “Not in range” text was displayed and prevented the device from connecting to an available WiFi network.

The firmware is compatible with all of Microsoft’s OSes (starting with XP), both bit versions, and it has a separate file for the MAC OS.

This newest iteration will help the camera upgrade the firmware from versions 1.0, 1.1, or 1.2 to 1.3. So, verify the device’s firmware version because if the latest one is installed, the update process is unnecessary.

To do that, press the MENU button, tap Setup, drag the screen down until the “Firmware Version” option is displayed, and now tap it – the firmware version is displayed.

To update the firmware, simply make sure the battery is fully charged, run the downloadable file to create an “S800CUpdate” folder. Inside is a “firmware” folder that you must copy on the root folder of an SD memory, insert the SD into the camera.

Afterwards, tap “Firmware Version” option, follow the instruction displayed, and, when the process is finished, turn off the camera and remove the SD card.

This said, all you need is the downloadable file, so follow one of the links below and choose the one compatible with your OS.

COOLPIX S800c Firmware Update 1.3 for Windows

COOLPIX S800c Firmware Update 1.3 for MAC 

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