New Xbox 360 Dashboard / Firmware 2.0.14699.0 Up for Grabs

TV on demand and other cool features in Microsoft's new Xbox firmware

Microsoft releases new firmware/ dashboard update for their Xbox 360 console, just in time to counterattack a similar move made just days ago by their biggest rival, Sony.

The new system software is said to bring cool new features and a completely new GUI, inspired by the Windows Phone 7 devices. If we take a closer look at what the Xbox 360 brings new in this update, we'd be inclined to believe that Microsoft intend to transform a bit the console's functionality.

Namely, by including the TV on demand feature, the Xbox 360 could easily take a step further towards becoming the center of the home entertainment universe. Microsoft's Mark Witten declares that no less than 40 TV content providers have been contracted for this specific feature -  and we believe that this is only the beginning.

The Bing voice search via the Kinect sensor is another enhancement present in the 2.0.14699.0 firmware, as Beacons, cloud storage and Facebook sharing are, as well. The GUI promises better interactivity and easier usage, with traditional controllers or using Kinect; voice commands are also supported.

You can upgrade your Xbox 360 Dashboard to version 2.0.14699.0 using the very console, or by updating via CD/ DVD or USB. Here are the links:

Xbox 360 Dashboard/ Firmware 2.0.14699.0 for CD/ DVD

Xbox 360 Dashboard/ Firmware 2.0.14699.0 for USB.

Follow the instructions on each page and enjoy!

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