New Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware Is Available – Download Now Version 4.55

The newly released package is required for online play, therefore the update is mandatory

Just now, Sony has made available a new firmware package targeted at its PlayStation 3 console, namely version 4.55, which is required for online play, therefore the update is mandatory.

As for the changes this update makes, the producer highlights that this release improves only the overall system stability.

When it comes to installing the patch, you must get the downloadable .PUP file, create a “PS3/UPDATE/” route on an empty USB flash drive, and copy the firmware into the “UPDATE” folder you have just made.

Afterwards, insert the flash drive into the console’s USB port, power on the PS3, go to Settings → System Update → Update via Storage Media, and wait for the device to search for the update you saved on your stick.

When the “The latest update data was found.” message appears displaying the latest 4.55 firmware, just confirm the upgrade by pressing the “X” button on the controller, and wait for the console to install the new version.

Bear in mind that, while the PS3 applies the new release, turning off the console or removing the USB drive might lead to an update failure which could cause serious damage to your device. Moreover, as an extra safety measure, the PS3’s power button as well as the controller will be inactive during the upgrade.

That being said, if you consider installing this release, download Firmware 4.55 for Sony PlayStation 3, take into account all the above-mentioned aspects, apply it, and stay “updated one minute ago.”

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