New Firmware Updates for RICOH G700 and G700SE Cameras Are Available for Download

The two devices are both tough and user-friendly even wearing gloves

Owners of G700 and G700SE cameras, rejoice! New firmware for your devices is now available for download. The new releases fix some annoying issues. Check out our blog on the RICOH G700 and G700SE firmware 1.23 and 1.33 resolved issues.

The installation of any of the new updates is fairly simple and requires an SD card and the downloadable firmware archive available at the links below this text.

Fully charge the batteries (or use a new set) and then insert the SD card in the camera. Go to the menu and select the “Setup” section. Use the “Format” function listed and, when done, close the camera and remove the memory card.

Next, extract the archive and copy “plaunch3” (for G700) or “ulaunch3” for (G700SE) to the root folder of the SD card. Safely remove the device.

With the camera powered off and the memory card inserted, press the “Up” and “Playback” buttons together for 3 seconds. A message confirming the firmware update will appear on the display.

Select “Yes” and be patient for a while. The installation should take about 30 seconds and when it completes, the camera will turn off and then back on in playback mode.

For further use of the memory card, it is recommended that you format it again.

Download the latest firmware for your RICOH G700 and G700SE cameras at the link below, install it and stay “updated one minute ago.”

Download  Ricoh G700SE Digital Camera Firmware 1.33

Download Ricoh G700 Digital Camera Firmware 1.23

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