Netgear’s New R6250 Smart WiFi Router Gets Original Firmware

The R6250 is the latest WiFi router that has been added to the 802.11ac product family

Today Netgear launches its latest router, namely the R6250 Smart WiFi Router, that is part of the next-generation 802.11ac product family. Just to be clear, this 802.11ac standard is a technology three times faster than 802.11n and has a wide coverage area as well.

The original firmware for the router is available for download, so that in case of any problems with future versions, rolling back to the first known working version to be quick and easily available.

Bear in mind, that if this is needed, the firmware mustn’t be upgraded using a wireless connection, and it is strongly recommended not to power off or reboot the device during the update process, so that the device doesn’t encounter any future problems.

Moreover, the upgrade progress is shown in the web GUI. If it doesn’t display correctly, you can check it through the Power LED – while updating, it blinks amber, and after the installation is complete and the device has rebooted, it turns into steady amber color.

The R6300 (1750 Mbps) and R6200 (1200 Mbps) WiFi Routers, A6200 WiFi USB Adapter, as well as the D6300 (1600 Mbps) and D6200 (1200 Mbps) WiFi Modem Routers that have a built-in ADSL2+ modem are all part of this 802.11ac product family as well.

Now that being said, follow one of the links below, for either the latest R6250 router or the 802.11ac product family.

NETGEAR R6250 Smart WiFi Router Firmware

NETGEAR 802.11ac WiFi Router Family Firmware

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