Netgear Launches Firmware for R6300 Router

The R6300 can reach speeds of up to 1300 Mbps over WiFi

Netgear has recently released a new firmware for its R6300 dual-band wireless router. Version fixes the issue causing NETGEAR genie mobile app fail to log into the router in some situations.

Before you install this update, make a note of your current settings and be sure you use a wired connection between the router and PC. For the best results, do a factory reset after the installation is complete.

From the link below, download the firmware archive and unzip it to an accessible location (your Desktop, for example). Next, log in to your router's home page by accessing the URL from any browser.

Click the “Advanced” tab, then “Administration” and, finally, “Firmware upgrade.” In this menu, use the “Browse” button to point out the location of the update files you've recently unzipped. The next and final step is to click “Update” and be patient for a few minutes.

Follow the progress displayed by the bar that appears in the router menu or the LEDs on the router. After the device reboots, the installation is complete.

Get the latest firmware for Netgear's R6300 wireless router at the link below and stay “updated one minute ago.”

Download NETGEAR R6300 WiFi Router Firmware

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