NVIDIA Quadro/Tesla Graphics Adapters Get a WHQL Certificated Driver

NVIDIA's professional 3D graphics cards for workstations get new update

Designers, movie makers, engineers, and pretty much everyone else who uses the hardcore graphics board in the Quadro/Tesla family should download the new release that fixes some of the nasty bugs users have been complaining about.

It's called the 310.70, and is the latest driver to come out from NVIDIA. It has WHQL approval so it is a stable version.

According to the changelog, the Nvcompiler.dll should no longer crash when compiling OpenCL code for the first time.

The previous release promised to fix the Bentley MicroStation “driver not responding” issue.

However, as we go through the 310.70's release notes, we can still find it here, as a new fix. It's the same story as with the Brainstorm eStudio “Driver memory leak” issue when performing certain operations in the application.

As it turns out, NVIDIA didn't take care of all the problems they said they would. Hopefully, the 310.70 will get them sorted out.

As usual, we leave you with the download links, so you can stay “updated one minute ago.”

NVIDIA Quadro/Tesla Display Driver 310.70

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