NVIDIA Outs the GeForce 320.00 Beta Graphics Driver – Download Now

This is the Game Ready driver for Dead Island: Riptide, Neverwinter, and Star Trek

Today, NVIDIA releases the GeForce 320.00 beta Graphics driver that increases performance by up to 20 percent for the GeForce 400, 500, and 600 series GPUs in several games over previous driver versions.

This is the Game Ready driver for “Dead Island: Riptide, Neverwinter,” and “Star Trek.”

While the notebook-compatible packages support only Windows 7 and 8 operating systems, both bit versions, the desktop files include support for all of Microsoft’s Windows platforms, starting from XP.

As for fixed issues, the Windows 7 Magnifier window doesn’t flicker any more, Crysis 3 doesn’t encounter any black artifacts at all, and Dirt 3 can now be player without any problems in split-screen mode.

Moreover, Smite of Rage ability can be used in Final Fantasy XI without a TDR crash, Tomb Raider can be safely played at high resolution and Ultra or Ultimate settings, and Starcraft II doesn’t crash anymore when played with 3D Vision and SLI enabled.

In addition, the driver installs the 9.12.1031 PhysX System Software and HD Audio as well.

NVIDIA recommends that before you update the driver version, you should uninstall nTune and backup your current system configuration so that no settings are lost in the process.

That being said, follow the link below and download NVIDIA’s latest GeForce Graphics Driver.

NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Driver 320.00 Beta 

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