NVIDIA Launches New 307.45 Quadro/Tesla Driver

Quadro users get new updates for their graphics board

NVIDIA has just launched the new Quadro/Tesla driver, which comes with a handful of fixes.

For Windows 7 users, the new driver fixes the PROP 3D-C KIND violation error when running the Bentley Microstation application on Tesla devices. Also, the “driver not responding” error while using Microstation has been fixed.

Quadro K5000 users can now make OpenGL calls without the risk that their application will crash. K5000 users will no longer encounter the “memory leak” issue while using eStudio. This also applies to Quadro 6000, 5000 and 2000 users.

Nsight Visual Studio Edition can now be used by Quadro 6000 owners without fear of the application crashing.

For Windows 8 users, the Quadro K5000 OpenGL call issue has been fixed and the installation of the driver no longer requires a reboot.

The 307.45 Quadro/Tesla driver adds support for CUDA 5.0 and DirectX stereoscopic 3D.

As usual, the drivers links are provided by us below, so you can stay updated “one minute ago.”

NVIDIA Quadro/Tesla 307.45 Driver

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