NVIDIA GeForce 314.09 Pre-Release Driver for GTX Titan Card Hits the Internet

A GTX Titan driver was needed so a leaked version showed up

NVIDIA has just launched its new graphics adapter flagship, the GTX Titan. Unfortunately, they didn't push out a new driver for it.

The version spotted on the HardwareLuxx forum comes with no changelog or details other than driver version and NVIDIA_DEV.1005 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN," which states that this driver is made just for the GTX Titan.

For users with different graphics boards (given that the Titan is not yet on the market), the .inf file inside the package will need some modifications.

Also, in order for everything to work, Windows 8 users will have to disable driver reinforcement.

As far as users' opinions go, the few who tested this release claim that Battlefield 3 runs better and the freeze experienced in Neuxiz seems to be gone as well. Guild Wars 2 is said to run as smooth as it would with the 314.07, although it's just a matter or trust because there are no benchmarks posted yet.

Bear in mind that this is not tested so if it doesn't work with your system or if it crashes, the only one to be held responsible is you.

[Update, February 21, 2013] The download link from HardwareLuxx returns a 404 Error. However, Guru3D hosts the driver as well so you can download it and start testing.

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