NETGEAR's Latest R6100 WiFi Router Gets Firmware Version

The package fixes the WAN issue that didn’t detect the DCHP connection in Comcast

NETGEAR has unveiled firmware version targeted at its latest wireless router, namely the R6100 device, which fixes the wireless IOT issue with the A6200 WiFi adapter.

In addition to that, the newly released package resolves the WAN detection problem that would not recognize the DHCP connection in Comcast.

As for installing the firmware, log into the router’s GUI, and go to Advanced Tab → Administration → Firmware Upgrade. There, click on the “Browse” button, select the firmware file located within the downloadable archive, and click the “Upload” button.

At this point the update process starts, so make sure you don’t interrupt it in any way. The process completes when the progress bar comes to an end.

In the unlikely event that the progress bar isn’t properly displayed, the process can be tracked using the LED lights. If the LED blinks amber, this means that the update is in progress; if it changes to steady amber, it means that the upgrade is complete.

When the installation finishes, you should load the default factory settings (a good idea after any firmware update), and go verify if the current version matches the one that you’ve just installed.

That being said, follow the link below, and download the package that contains the firmware file needed in order to update the R6100 wireless router.

NETGEAR R6100 Router Firmware 

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