My Net N900 Series Router Firmware Brings Considerable Fixes

The new firmware version for the N900 and N900 Central has a pretty impressive changelog

Western Digital has announced its new firmware version for the N900 and N900 Central routers, two sets of firmware that come with a large number of fixes, both adding support for Microsoft's latest operating system.

The two releases resolve issues like FasTrack Plus with FTP traffic, various translations in supported languages, QoS Uplink speed auto detection, unlocking USB drive password with complex characters and update status display, as well as Relay button for Dynamic DNS.

Also, the Wi-Fi no longer disconnects under MAC Filter, Xbox shows USB media files, the 128-bit WEP security encryption is resolved, the grayed out channel when disabling wireless is history, photo thumbnails are displayed correctly, and the UPnP duplication entries now work fine.

Among all these fixes, WD has added a pop-up message about changing from Router to AP mode and explanations for registering device.

Specifically speaking, the N900 Central's firmware has improved file system stability, a stable internet connection when transferring from USB to internal storage, and a correct connection status display for the Remote Access button.

Remember that it is strongly recommended not to interrupt the firmware upgrade process.

This said, to upgrade your router's firmware, follow the link below and choose the appropriate device.

WD My Net N900 and N900 Central Router Firmware 1.06.18

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