Modded Version of AMD's Catalyst 13.2 Beta 7 Driver Is Out

The update is not an official release and must be treated as is

Benchmark3D has just pushed out a new modded version of the AMD Catalyst 13.2 beta 7 driver. The new release comes with the same fixes as the original one but with an extended list of supported video cards.

To start with, Windows 8 users will need to disable Driver Signature Enforcement before installing this driver.

HydraVision and AMD Avivo Codec are the additions of this release. Test Custom Clocks and Auto-Tune options under OverDrive have been unlocked and the atipdlxx.dll and atipdl64.dll files that offer better support with 3rd- party tools have been re-included in the package.

In the Catalyst Install Manager software, there is now a functional Update Driver Option.

If you're concerned of power saving (and why wouldn't you be?), bear in mind that ULPS is disabled by default with this update.

After the installation, the Catalyst Control Center will detect all supported cards as an HD7900 Series Card for Desktop Drivers. Call it a bug or a personal touch from the crafters, it's nothing that should worry you.

You can download the update from the link below, but be warned as this is not a tested version or an official release.

AMD Catalyst 13.2 Beta 7 Driver - 7900 MOD

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