Microsoft Surface Pro Gets Unofficial Drivers

Crashctrl has published a list of Surface pro drivers hosted on their mirror

Microsoft's tablet sold like hotcakes but the manufacturer did not put the drivers for this device on its website. Luckily, Adam Orion, a contributor for Crashctrl, managed to create a list of drivers for the Surface Pro and uploaded it.

The tablet or laptop hybrid, as named by some, runs Windows 7 applications and whatever you may find in the Windows Store. It gets its power from the Intel 3rd Generation i5 CPU with HD Graphics 4000 GPU embedded.

Cool features like the pen digitizer get support with the drivers, so users can enjoy the full thrill that can be provided by the tablet.

Surface Pro comes with 64 GB or 128 GB storage space but, according to Microsoft, the system software uses significant storage space so you might get the “low disk space” error sooner than you think if you choose to buy the 64 GB version.

Below is a link to the drivers. Click, pick, download, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

Microsoft Surface Pro Drivers

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