M-Audio Updates Driver for M-Track and M-Track Plus

The two devices are two-channel USB audio/MIDI interface

M-Audio has just launched a new version of the M-Track and M-Track Plus driver. Update number 1.0.6 works only with Windows 7 and 8, on both 32- and 64-bit architecture.

This update comes with a big blank in the “fixed issues/enhancements” section, but it provides a few details in the “known issues” area.

After you install the driver, regardless of what M-Track product you have, its ASIO device name will appear as “M-Track Quad ASIO Driver” in all applications.

The ASIO Drivers should be used with all audio applications that support ASIO (such as AIR Ignite). WASAPI style drivers are lower performance and have been found to be unstable in some applications.

The key features of these devices include a versatile array of inputs to provide the best results with any type of audio source as well as low latency monitoring of the input signal.

Below is the link to the driver. Download, install and stay “updated one minute ago.”

M-Audio M-Track/M-Track Plus Driver 1.0.6 for Windows 7/Windows 8

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