Lexmark Z2400 Series Printers Get Windows 8 Support with New Driver

Version adds the 32bit Windows 8 version to the supported OSes list

Lexmark has announced a new driver for its Z2400 series printers. The devices benefiting from this update are Z2420 and Z2490.

Unfortunately, Lexmark updated only the 32bit version of the driver, while its sibling, the one suited for 64bit OSes, is expected to be launched these days.

Inside the 77 MB package, there are host-based printer drivers, Lexmark Printer Home for finding and using applications and services with your printer.

Lexmark Enhanced is a communications system that will provide Lexmark TCP/IP network ports and bidirectional communication to this network capable printer.

The Printer Setup Utility, which is also included in the archive, will help with an easy setup of the device.

Below are the links to the drivers. You will find the new 32bit release, as well as the 64bit one (which doesn't support Windows 8). Check back with us for future updates on these drivers.

Lexmark Z2420 Printer Driver x86

Lexmark Z2420 Printer Driver x64

Lexmark Z2490 Printer Driver x86

Lexmark Z2490 Printer Driver x64

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