Kindle Paperwhite Components Show Up on Ebay

The new Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon is not built to be opened

Kindle Paperwhite is available to purchase on Amazon for a little over two weeks, but it seems that the first replacement parts have started to pop up on Ebay.

It's not uncommon for devices to get replacement parts, but two weeks after a launch is considered to be a short window, especially because Kindle Paperwhite is not supposed to be disassembled.

A user on Ebay, whose name we'll not mention for obvious reasons, but who has quite a high ranking, has put on sale the three major components that make up Kindle Paperwhite: the bezel, the display touch panel, and the motherboard (the model with Wi-Fi).

Put together, they could make an expensive Kindle. Amazon covers most problems with the Kindle Paperwhite, but not the damage done by users. Some people could find these parts useful.

Kindle Paperwhite is the latest e-book reader launched by Amazon that features a built-in light and enhanced resolution.

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