Intel’s Latest Graphics Driver for XP Now Ready for Download

The driver is compatible with Microsoft's Windows XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Intel has released the latest graphics driver version 14.51.10 build 5436, which brings an array of fixes, including for the artifacts or incorrect colors that may have been seen while playing MP4 videos. There’s more to it, however.

It fixes a blank DisplayPort monitor issue that would appear after switching the monitor off and on, the system won’t freeze anymore when opening and closing windows, and horizontal line noise appearance after starting the operating system will be a thing of the past.

Also, the PowerPivot Field List of Microsoft's Excel suite is no longer blank, and the system will now automatically switch to Clone Mode after connecting an EDID-less monitor for the first time.

It is compatible with Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, both 32-bit and 64-bit variants, and with the Intel HD Graphics chipset that works on the 2nd or 3rd Generation Core, Pentium or Celeron Intel processor platforms. Still, you should check if your configuration is supported by this release.

The package installs, besides the HD Graphics driver, the Display Audio driver version 5.14.00 build 3090.

This said, to have an up to date graphic board, follow the link below and choose depending on your OS bit version.

Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows XP

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