Intel’s HD Graphics Driver Version 15.22.58 Build 2993 Is Up for Grabs

The driver is compatible with Microsoft’s Windows Vista and 7 operating systems

Intel has released the 15.22.58 build 2993 HD Graphics driver version that is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista operating systems, both 32-bit ( and 64-bit ( versions.

The driver fixes an issue where artifacts were seen while rendering triangle strips in an OpenGL MATLAB sample. Also, the off-screen extend of OpenGL sample applications (when changed to full-screen) is resolved.

Moreover, the problem with blank screens after updating the graphics driver and restarting the system does not exist anymore.

The driver supports platforms which contain the 1st Generation Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 CPU (either mobile or non-mobile), as well as the Pentium G6000, P6000, and U5000 and Celeron P4000 and U3000 Series Processors – all combined with Intel HD Graphics.

The package installs the version of the Graphics driver as well as the version of its Display Audio driver.

So, follow the link below and update your graphics driver to the latest version.

Intel HD Graphics Driver 15.22.58 build 2993 

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