Intel Releases New BIOS for the DH61AG Desktop Board

Recovery, Iflash and Express BIOS Update, and Integrator Toolkit BIOS Files are available

The Intel DH61AG desktop board, powered by the 2nd generation Core processors, has now a new BIOS version. The 0045 release comes with three files that can update the BIOS differently.

The Recovery BIOS Update (AG0045.BIO) requires a blank floppy diskette or CD, and can be used if the BIOS update is interrupted and, consequently, is left in an unstable state.

The Iflash BIOS Update / Integrator Toolkit BIOS Files (AGH6110H.86A.0045.BI.ZIP) requires a blank CD or a USB flash device, and is a DOS-based update tool. The archive also provides the files for the Intel Integrator Toolkit.

Finally, the most commonly used method, the Express BIOS Update (AGH6110H.86A.0045.EB.EXE) is a Windows-based update file that self-extracts the License Agreement and utility needed for the update process.

All three files bring the same fixes for the Intel Integrator Toolkit, resolving the issue with enabling and disabling LVDS.

Bear in mind that it is highly recommended not to update BIOS if this process does not solve a specific problem, and it would be better if it is done using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

This said, if the fixes above are just what you were looking for for your problems, follow the link below and download only the file that fits the method by which you will be updating the BIOS.

Intel DH61AG BIOS 0045

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