Intel Launches New Version of the SSD Toolbox

The very useful tool from Intel is being updated to version 3.1.2

Intel is bringing to the public a new release: version 3.1.2 of the well-known Intel SSD Toolbox software. However, it is meant to work only for the Intel SSD 335 Series devices.

The new update fixes the incorrect reporting of the E9h media wear indicator value. This means that you can be sure that, if your SSD Toolbox tells you that the drive life is 3 years, 23 hours and 13 minutes, you should believe it.

In case you don't know what the SSD Toolbox is about, here are some of the key features: it's a drive management software that allows you to view current drive information (such as model number, capacity, firmware version, drive health, estimated drive life remaining, SMART attributes and IDENTIFY DEVICE information), optimize the performance of the drive, get notifications when new software versions are out, update the firmware of your drive, run diagnostic scans and various test and a lot more.

Bear in mind that installing this version of the Toolbox will overwrite any previous version of the software present on your computer, so rolling back means uninstalling and reinstalling the old version.

We offer the download link below, so you can stay “updated one minute ago.”

Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox 3.1.2

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